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Rihatsu Has A Life
what fun
"the wild blue yonder" reads like rand 
7th-Sep-2009 02:35 pm
So I was listening to my favorite military song—the USAF's "Wild Blue Yonder", of course—and noticed that the second verse has a familiar sort of ring to it. Here is the song,

And the relvant lyrics are here:

Minds of men fashioned a crate of thunder
Sent it high into the blue
Hands of men blasted the world asunder,
How they lived God only knew!
Souls of men dreaming of skies to conquer
Gave us wings ever to soar,
With scouts before and bombers galore, Hey!
Nothing'll stop the US Air Force!

To me, those are Randian words. Optimistic and focusing on man's achievements. I mean, damn. 8) Those are some beautiful lyrics.
7th-Sep-2009 08:19 pm (UTC)
8th-Sep-2009 03:29 pm (UTC)
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