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Rihatsu Has A Life
what fun
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23rd-Oct-2009 04:59 am(no subject)
The Little Zombie That Could says: (00:12:22)Well it's a STAGE combat class so there's a lot of actors who are just fucking around
The Little Zombie That Could says: (00:12:26)it's pretty sweet actually
The Little Zombie That Could says: (00:13:35)I kinda wish you were taking the class too because um
The Little Zombie That Could says: (00:13:47)despite the liberals (and the fact my stage combat teacher was wearing an obama shirt today)
The Little Zombie That Could says: (00:13:49)it's incredibly fun
The Little Zombie That Could says: (00:13:52)and I know you'd be like
Fifi says: (00:13:53)...........................
The Little Zombie That Could says: (00:14:05)"AW YEAH I BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF ALL Y'ALL" during warmups
Fifi says: (00:14:10)it is true
The Little Zombie That Could says: (00:14:15)'cause uh yeah the lunges are part of the warmups
The Little Zombie That Could says: (00:14:21)and instead of doing planks you'd be like "FUCK THIS I'M DOING PUSHUPS"
Fifi says: (00:14:22)i would flatten them with my republican muscles
Fifi says: (00:14:31)fffffffffffffffffffffffffff >_>
The Little Zombie That Could says: (00:14:31)"FOR A MINUTE STRAIGHT"
Fifi says: (00:14:38)g-goddamnit i did that to a yoga routine once
The Little Zombie That Could says: (00:14:38)"AND SALUTING EVERY TIME I COME UP"
Fifi says: (00:14:48)........I NEED TO FUCKING FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO THAT
Fifi says: (00:14:50)THAT SOUNDS AWESOME
The Little Zombie That Could says: (00:14:58)START DOING PUSHUPS WITH ONE ARM
The Little Zombie That Could says: (00:15:00)SALUTE
The Little Zombie That Could says: (00:15:07)IT'LL BE FANTASTICALLY PATRIOTIC
Fifi says: (00:15:14)bjhdgfjsndfkjssjkdhfjksn MUST LEARN IMMEDIATELY OMG
The Little Zombie That Could says: (00:15:20)IT'LL BE SO PATRIOTIC IT WILL MAKE BALD EAGLES CRY
29th-Sep-2009 08:12 am - owl city and active corners
I just discovered this songwriter called Owl City. His songs...are...just beautiful, imho. Hello Seattle made me extremely home sick, and Designer Skyline made me a VERY happy little Fountainhead fan. <3

Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwaqG-E7DVM&feature=related

Lyrics: http://www.lyricsmania.com/lyrics/owl_city_lyrics_40878/other_lyrics_72548/designer_skyline_lyrics_746771.html

Also, active corners on the mac are really useful. I never used them before but along with Spaces they're making a small but important little addition to my mac experience. :3

Now I am off to make vegetable risotto. Oh Italia~ =3=
25th-Sep-2009 06:31 pm - on watching the godfather
Fifi says: (18:24:40)
god damn i wish i could understand a fucking word don corleone says
Vanessa says: (18:24:48)
Vanessa says: (18:24:51)
Vanessa says: (18:25:02)
Fifi says: (18:25:13)
it's like he tried to see how many full-size marshmallows he could fit into his mouth at once and then didn't have time to swallow them before saying his lines
Fifi says: (18:25:14)
Vanessa says: (18:26:08)
Vanessa says: (18:26:18)
I forget what he actually has in his mouth for that effect
Fifi says: (18:26:30)
Fifi says: (18:26:32)
Vanessa says: (18:26:37)
Fifi says: (18:29:05)
Vanessa says: (18:26:37)
Fifi says: (18:26:43)
Fifi says: (18:26:53)
Fifi says: (18:27:00)
someone must have parodied this
Fifi says: (18:27:20)
sotto capos all misunderstanding his orders
Vanessa says: (18:27:51)
Fifi says: (18:28:00)
all ordering him chinese food and buying multiple copies of the phonebook
Fifi says: (18:28:15)
Vanessa says: (18:28:21)
Vanessa says: (18:28:24)
Vanessa says: (18:28:35)
I-I don't even
8th-Sep-2009 11:03 pm - paris
I'm leaving for Paris tomorrow.

I am being picked up from the station and driven to my apartment by a man named Vincent Ginocchio.

Everything about this trip suddenly got a lot cooler.
So I was listening to my favorite military song—the USAF's "Wild Blue Yonder", of course—and noticed that the second verse has a familiar sort of ring to it. Here is the song,

And the relvant lyrics are here:

Minds of men fashioned a crate of thunder
Sent it high into the blue
Hands of men blasted the world asunder,
How they lived God only knew!
Souls of men dreaming of skies to conquer
Gave us wings ever to soar,
With scouts before and bombers galore, Hey!
Nothing'll stop the US Air Force!

To me, those are Randian words. Optimistic and focusing on man's achievements. I mean, damn. 8) Those are some beautiful lyrics.
6th-Sep-2009 04:46 pm - relief
I will be in Paris from the 9th to the 15th of this month for the Paris Freedom Fest. I had been offered a place to stay there by some friends of my father's, but they pulled out last week and left me with no place to stay and therefore no way to book my tickets. They cost me about forty pounds; I had to pay a hundred pounds for my return train ticket. But they were potentially consigning me to paying significantly more to get a hotel, before one even considers food and metro tickets and whatnot. Gah.

Luckily, Christian came to my aid, and has found me a place to stay for nothing at extremely short notice. Which means I now have my tickets, and accomodation, and my now-pathetically-limited knowledge of conversational French—so Paris Freedom Fest is go!

Update: oh tits i am meant to be at Christian's in an hour and I don't know what I'm going to wear aaahh
5th-Sep-2009 05:59 pm - raillery
I learned the meaning of this word today.

raillery |ˈrālərē|
good-humored teasing.
ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: from French raillerie, from railler ‘to rail’ (see rail 2 ).

affectionate raillery teasing, mockery, chaff, ragging; banter, badinage; informal leg-pulling, joshing, ribbing, kidding.

And for those interested, here is Rail(2):

rail 2
verb [ intrans. ] ( rail against/at/about)
complain or protest strongly and persistently about : he railed at human fickleness.
railer noun
ORIGIN late Middle English : from French railler, from Provençal ralhar ‘to jest,’ based on an alteration of Latin rugire ‘to bellow.’
5th-Sep-2009 03:49 pm - Lifestyle 18
Cookie crisp: 130
Skim milk: 30
WW Chicken casserole: 195
Clementine: 26
Ciabatta: 242
Olive oil: 357
Ham: 68
Turkey: 44

Intake: 1092

Jogging/walking: -236
Housework: -70
Calisthenics: -50

Burn: -356

Total: 736

Cool. Maybe I'll nom more clementines. 8)
5th-Sep-2009 12:55 am - texting liam shalloo
What I do at 1am:

Liam - this is blapsphamey. this is madness.
Liam - this is district 9
Liam - this is patrick
Fifi - This is london calling
Liam - this is bond. james bond
Fifi - This is a knife!
Liam - this is a condom
Fifi - This is France
Liam - this is text
Fifi - THIS
Fifi - IS
Liam - george
Fifi - no damnit
4th-Sep-2009 09:23 am - awol zombie spider
So there was a big fuckoff spider in my room. It hid for a while and I sat up with a can of Raid waiting for it to reappear. It reappeared. I bellowed a thunderous battle cry and smashed it with a bottle. Hard. Thirty seconds later I looked over. That tenacious fuck was not where I left it.

There's a zombie spider in my room somewhere. There's laundry on the floor.

I'm on total fucking red alert lock down here. Zombie spider.

Fetch me my shotgun and my plank with a nail in it!

Additionally, wtf is with all the spiders I'm seeing lately? It's like there's fear toxin being slipped into my tea. Suddenly I can't pick up a bucket without there being some form of arachnid underneath. FML
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