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Rihatsu Has A Life
what fun
iceland is good 
4th-Sep-2009 08:31 am
Today I demonstrated how hardcore I can be when I don't have any money. I took the train to King's Cross to see someone about a job (that I then decided I didn't want), and then thought, I have thirteen pounds and I want to buy food. It will cost me two pounds to get home. I could spend that on food.

I walked home from King's Cross. It took an hour and a half. On the way back I stopped off at Iceland, which is now my new favorite store because it is so cheap. There is no excuse not to shop there. To put this in perspective, I bought:
1.5L Diet coke
Two packets of sliced turkey breast
Two weight watchers' blueberry cheesecakes
Two weight watchers' chocolate mousse cakes
Weight watchers' ham and pineapple pizza
Weight watchers' italian chicken pizza
Weight watchers' chicken casserole
Weight watchers' sweet and sour chicken

and it came to total £8.50. I am never going elsewhere, my god. Despite the fact that I was surrounded by what seemed like every chav mother in Holloway, cheap food is cheap food and I won't go to Tesco and pay £2.57 for what I can get in Iceland for a pound. Why doesn't everyone shop there? Snobbish stigma?
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